Scheduled Posts and Subscription Notifications

This post is being scheduled a few minutes into the future rather than being published immediately. The goal is to discover if the Subscription Notification service will still generate an eMail informing people of the post.

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One Response to Scheduled Posts and Subscription Notifications

  1. Bro. Chris says:

    Well, I am not sure whether to report success or failure.

    The Subscription Notification eMail did not appear to be sent at the time the post was scheduled to publish. I waited almost ten minutes and still no eMail. I then logged into the site to see if the post had published and sure enough it had. But surprise, surprise, the notification eMail was waiting in my Inbox.

    So… the next question is…

    Was the eMail delayed because of server activity impacting either (or both) the scheduled publishing of the post or the generation and transmittal of the eMail?


    Does WordPress wait until someone scans or accesses the posts to determine if there are any posts which should be published based upon the current ate and time and THEN publishes them? (i.e., do posts publish at the scheduled time or does the publishing occur the first time anyone makes an inquiry regarding posts?)

    If the former, then the world is a happy place. If the latter, then SOMEONE MUST access the site and perform some action which causes a query of the posts to be performed and only then will the notification eMail be sent. Meaning that a scheduled post could be published for days before anyone is notified of its existence waiting for someone to access the site. Very undesirable!

    I will perform another test to try and determine which of the above scenarios is correct. My nagging gu tells me it is the second scenario. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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