Test of Ultimate TinyMCE

Don't KnowSelecting from the “Moods” add-on for Ultimate TinyMCE is sporadic. It only seems to populate the smileys 10% of the time (at least for me, so far). Once loaded however, it seems to populate immediately for all subsequent attempts.

Cry Out LoudSadly, you have to go to Ultimate TinyMCE Premium – Advanced Configuration ($13 single site, $43 for multisite license) if you want to be able to configure the buttons’ positions (in addition to their row). To be fair, the Advanced Configuration does provide the capability to perform many advanced configurations in addition to the positioning of buttons.

Well DoneI like everything else about the plugin so far. I still have more testing to do; but, at this point I am going to replace the TinyMCE Advanced plugin I have been using to-date.

Check out this plugin and others at Josh Lobe’s (the creator of Ultimate TinyMCE) website.

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